*Packages are available for all services
Hydration Boost Facial  (60min) $55
A complete hydration that includes cleansing, facial massage, and 4 levels of moisturizing the skin with nutritious ingredients customized to your skin condition. (no extractions/non-peel treatm ent)

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (60min) $65

Banish skin impurities and let your skin breathe with this clarifying treatment for oily problem skin. Gentle exfoliants eliminate the buildup of suffocating dead cells while our clinicians expertly perform extractions to remove poisonous oxidants. Our fresh customized mask absorbs excess oil and removes impurities. Pore size is visibly diminished revealing clear, radiant skin.

“Age later” Facial (60min) $65
Prevent, reverse, and correct the signs of aging. A treatment, adapted to your skin type, is made of a cocktail of vitamins, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It leaves the skin looking radiant and velvety smooth.

Four Layer Facial (90min) $105
This is specially designed to deep cleanse, tone, firm and regenerate the skin. This treatment offers real alternatives to surgery with added benefit of creating beautiful, glowing skin instantly.  Essential for aged, dry and dehydrated skin. Ideal for all skin types.

Custom Enzyme Peeling (60min) $65
This is a results oriented, intensive treatment for all skin types. Using enzyme proteins, the tone and texture of the skin shows a dramatic improvement. This treatment focuses on mild exfoliation and gentle massage followed by a soothing mask.

Teen Facial (45min) $45

Customized to young, fragile, compromised teenage skin. Using gentle ingredients, the focus of this facial is to unclog stubborn congestion, soothe inflammation, and rebalance overactive skin reactions. Individualized instructions in good skin care are included

Back Facial (45min) $55

Enjoy gentle cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, relaxing massage followed by customized mask. Ideal for compromised skin.


“Age Later” Mild Peel (45min) $85
A blend of glycolic and retinol targets the appearance of signs of aging. This treatment is entirely customized to your skin condition.

Lightening Mild Peel (45min) $85
Targets hyperpigmentation caused by various causes. Returns even tone and healthy radiance to the skin. Ideal for post acneic, hormonal, and sun damaged hyperpigmentation.

Sensi Peel (45min) $85
A gentle blend of light acids formulated for various signs of sensitive skin. This blend is enriched with light exfoliants as well as soothing and nourishing ingredients leaving the skin refreshed and regenerated.

Acne Mild Peel (45min) $85
This blend of anti-inflammatory properties designed and formulated for problem skin to help current breakouts and control acne.

Perfection Deep Peel (45min) $125
This deep peel is target specific and very result oriented. The skin is carefully monitored and treated by a practitioner the entire time. The exact recipe and time frame measurement are customized to your skin condition, sensitivity and tolerance. Ideal for aged, pigmented or scarred skin.

Beta Peel (45min) $125
This deep peel is target specific and very result oriented. The skin is carefully monitored and treated by a practitioner the entire time. The exact recipe and time frame measurement are customized to your skin condition, sensitivity and tolerance. Ideal for acne skin.


Microdermabrasion (60min) $95
Advanced skin resurfacing is performed using aluminum oxide and nut shell crystals. This treatment is ideal for early signs of aging, superficial scarring, enlarged pores, thick congested skin, and superficial pigmentation.

Microcurrent (60min) $95
Micro currents create “contract and release” motion in the facial muscle which strengthens the tissue and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Excellent treatment for loss of collagen and elastin. Results are visible after the first treatment.

Microneedling (60min) $115
State of the art customized ampules are used to infuse the content into deeper layers of the skin. Minimally or non-invasive technique is used to stimulate collagen, diminish hyperpigmentation and scarring, minimize pore size and many other benefits that your practitioner will discuss with you during this treatment.

Skin Tightening (60 min) $105
Using the latest methods of technology such as Radiofrequency and Ultrasound followed by nano infusion we are able to promote effective tightening of the skin with supplementation of nutritious cocktails that make the skin super radiant and supple. Fully customized to achieve the best results.


Swedish Massage 30min-$45 60min-$70 90min-$105
This massage is both relaxing and invigorating. Using traditional methods of swedish massage loosens and soothes tight or sore muscles, increases circulation and improves overall skin and muscle tone.

Deep Tissue Massage 60min-$80 90min-$115
This form of massage works to release fascial restrictions and trigger points in the muscles through deep manipulation. This massage addresses specific problems as well as helps to release toxins that are stored in the tissue.

Hot Stone Massage 60min-$80 90min-$115
An ancient healing technique in which smooth warm stones are stroked over the body in traditional massage methods. REcommended for its excellent ability to quiet and soothe the mind, as well as calm and relax the nervous system.

Reflexology 40min-$45
This healing technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases circulation and helps to balance the body through stimulation of pressure points on the feet.

Facial Massage 40min-$45
Similar to reflexology, facial massage relieves overall physical and mental stress, increases blood circulation promoting congestion release resulting in overall glow and suppleness.


Body Scrub 45min-$65
This treatment allows a more even exchange of oxygen through the skin layers resulting in smoother and softer skin. Starting with dry brushing that stimulates lymph, followed by the application of a body scrub infused with a customized blend of essential oils lightly massaged into the skin. The excess products is being washed off with a warm light pressured shower giving a hydro massage to the body.

Body Scrub with Body Massage 90min-$115
This treatment promotes the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation to your whole body. It begins with warming up the body in the steam room followed by a body scrub that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated and lastly a 35 min massage is performed to release the overall muscle tension and promote relaxation to the entire body.


Body Wrap (60min) $85

This wrap is targeted to areas of areas that grow cellulite such as thighs, waist, stomach, or arms. This treatment will improve slackening skin and slim areas of concern. The skin is mildly dry brushed to stimulate lymph and blood circulation. Slimming bandages are wrapped around the areas and are left for 20 min. A slimming massage is performed after with cellulite reducing serums and a firming cream is applied at the end of the treatment to carry on the effects of the wrap.

Pressotherapy Full Body (30-45min) $50

Cavitation (20min per zone) $65

Vacuum massage (10min per zone) $65 full body

RF Lifting (10-15min per zone) $65

Nano Mesotherapy $120


Classic Full Set $150 2hours
Classic Fill-in (2 weeks) $85 1.5hour

Volume Full Set $200 3hours
Volume Fill-in (3 weeks) $95 2hours

Lash Removal $50 30min


Eyebrows $450 1.5 hours
Lips $450 1.5 hours
Eye liner $450 1.5 hours


Eyebrows $15 Lip $7
Eyebrows full reshaping $20 Chin $9
Eyebrows & Lip $20 Sideburns $12
Full face $35 Full face & brows $45
Nose $7 Ears $7
Underarms $15 Half arm $20
Full arm $30 Half leg $25
Full leg $45 Half leg & bikini $45
Full leg & bikini $65 Bikini $25
Brazilian bikini $45 Back $50
Stomach $15 Shoulders $20